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Luna (Wanyue) Wang is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York. She has 4 years of experience in UX/UI design and interaction design. She focuses on HCI, emerging media, and immersive experience. She is passionate about exploring the impact of emerging technologies on people’s living experiences. Recently she is devoted to a personal project, How Do You Feel About Your Scars, which is an immersive VR meditation experience visualizing scar information by using EEG data. Continuously exploring different areas and coming up with creative design/technique ideas is her favorite subject.  


In 2020, she finished her M.S. in Integrated Digital Media (IDM) at NYU. She gained B.S in Computer Science and B.A in Industrial Design in China. Her mixed education background in technology and design and work experience help her better understand how design, technology, and engineering are closely connected and how to make use of them to benefit people.

She is currently looking for full-time design opportunities. Feel free to check out her resume and say hello ~

More about Luna

Spicy Food 

​Passionate about chili and always order extra spicy. 🌶🌶🌶

Gummy Bear

Make her a little fat but make her very happy!!! 🥳🥳


​Her Chinese name 琬玥(Wanyue) comes from moon, that's why she chose Luna.


Ancient totems fascinate her and inspire her, such as Taotie. 👺👹

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