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Moment - Interactive coding project

The video is 1.5 speeded up

Instructor: Scott Fitzgerald

Tool: p5.js, Arduino

Moment is an interactive project allowing two persons wearing two pulse sensors and seeing visualized latest pulse data. The pattern changes constantly along with the heartbeat. Since heartbeat is closely related to emotion, this project can be used to record a certain moment.

First, two persons’ heartbeats are got through Arduino and two pulse sensors (the wire is shown below). Arduino reads in the analog signal from a PulseSensor. Analog input can be get in p5.js through p5.serialcontrol.

The main pattern is two 3D spheres. The radius of each circle represent a valid data got from pulse sensor. So this pattern are generated with the last 30 pulse data. 3D spheres look cool, but they cannot remind people of the heartbeat. So I add heartbeat curve to make the project be more understandable. The heartbeat curve are drew with the last 240 input values.

There is also a hidden surprise that a download button will appear when mouse is clicked. And then the image of this moment can be downloaded as a .png file. So people who want to record a special moment can save it. The download file is high resolution and it can be printed as a unique postcard.


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