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My tracks


Considering my track, the first thing coming to my mind is New York MTA. Because I live in Roosevelt Island, a tiny island between Manhattan and Queens, it takes me too much time to commute to school. The significant delay of trains and the changes of service makes me very impressed. So I want to visualize information about trains that I took. I want to record the number of stops, how much time I spend on taking trains, how many times that train delayed and how many times I complain about MTA. Measuring my day by using this data could be fun.

As for the data source, the Mytracks app provides speed information. I can tell when I was on a train by analyzing speed and calculate the duration. Also, I can record the number of stops and complains manually.


In total, I got 1600+ pieces of data from Feb 07 to Feb 11 through Mytracks and my journey map is shown below.

The record time interval of Mytracks is one second, which is too frequent. 1600+ pieces of data are very hard to draw manually. And I found that some of the information is not accurate at all because of the poor internet connection I guess. So I filtered the data by discarding data pieces with a distance interval that is less than 100 meters. And I did not have a good an idea of combining complains to the drawing, so I decided to put that part away.

Below are my drawings:



After showing my work in class, Tim suggested that I can remove the text and Camila said it is worth to try that using different shapes present different transportation methods. So I refined the first drawing. It looks better.

Tracks (refined)


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